Roadmap for 2022.
January 2022
  • HebeSwap is online
  • Open source Hebe Token+HebeSwap contract code
  • Completed the sale of the team 7.4 M HEBE and solved the liquidity pool problem
  • Complete the migration of most Hebe Tokens on HebeBlock
February 2022
  • Complete Token Factory to help Ethereum Classic users issue Erc20 tokens
  • Completed Hens development (Ethereum Classic Domain Name Service)
  • On February 18th, Hens mainnet went live
March-April 2022
  • Create a Hens trading market to facilitate Hens users to buy and sell domain names
  • Completed HebeWallet to fully support the Ethereum Classic ecosystem
April-August 2022
August-December 2022
Stage 3
  • Use HENS and HEBE Swap fees to buy back 8,000,000 HEBE.
Stage 4
  • Newly locked 8,000,000 HEBE-ETC liquidity pool
Stage 5
  • Hebe Fund - Build more liquidity pools for hebeswap, such as stable coins, to support the development of other projects