Please refer to the details for the year 2022 - https://block-hebe.gitbook.io/hebeblock/annual-report/2022

Starting from 2023, the financial situation is as follows: Team Funds: 160,000 U, with monthly expenses of 6,800 U, sufficient for stable and continuous development over the next 2 years.

Team HEBE: 4,436,261.15 HEBE HEBE Buyback: 4,593,903.637 HEBE

As of the year 2023: 1.Team HEBE: 12,581,174.073 HEBE (Not claimed for December, should be 13,431,174.073 HEBE) 2.HEBE Buyback: 7,301,565.26 HEBE (Total accumulated buyback in one year: 2,707,661.623 HEBE) 3.Team Funds: 100,000 U, with monthly expenses of 6,800 U (Received a grant of $50,000 from ETCGrantsDao this year)

Detailed Expenses and Income:

  1. Team Salary Expenses: 6,800 U * 12 = 81,600 U

  2. Income from ETCGrantsDao: $50,000

  3. Purchased 1 million HEBE using the grant

  4. LP Reward Expenses: 2,000,000 HEBE

  5. Expenses for resolving the multi-chain bridge USDT issue: 1,000,000 HEBE (Due to the unavailability of the multi-chain bridge, we sold HEBE and repurchased USDT from the market)

  6. Team HEBE Incentives: 1,800,000 HEBE

This year, we completed the plans set for 2022:

  1. Community multi-signature management of HEBE non-circulating tokens - https://multisig.etccooperative.org/balances?safe=ETC:0xe94646E8456aE623757864B2b7028731cc215542

  2. Release of the new wallet, HebeCore.

Plans for 2024:

  1. Complete the third phase of HEBE buyback: 8 million HEBE (Current: 7,301,565.26 HEBE)

  2. Start the fourth phase by adding corresponding ETC LP for 8 million HEBE.

  3. Invest in incubating CUSDT (5 million HEBE). CUSDT is a stablecoin collateralized by ETC."

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